Privacy Policy

FREELOVE.EU data management information

If you want to use our website, we ask you to read our data management information carefully. You can find out what measures we take to secure your data, how we store it, and with whom and how we share it.


1. What information do we collect?

Data provided during registration

 After you register on our website or download our application, we may collect the following data about you:

-your full name

-your registered username

-your mobile phone number

-your e-mail address

-your date of birth

-your sexual orientation

-your gender

-photos and other uploaded files

-your location


You can view or change this data at any time in your profile after registration. It is important to always keep your data up-to-date, wherever changes occur, modify them as soon as possible.


One of the reasons for collecting data is to improve our service and develop our website and application based on user behavior. It is extremely important that some of the information you provide is public, so it is also visible to users of our service. Such information is, for example, your username or your full name.



Personal profile information

It is extremely important not to register confidential information in your profile! Bank card data, the number of identification documents, and private telephone numbers must not be included on your profile, as these can fall into unauthorized hands at any time.

Before registering, consider whether you will provide other data and, if so, in what form. As we wrote above, your full name and username can be seen by everyone.



Information related to purchase

After you have purchased one of our premium services, we store your data related to the purchase, and your bank card and other data are entered into the database of the payment service provider entrusted by us.

During the payment process, we pay particular attention to the authenticity of the data and to the fact that only the owner of the means of payment uses it. In order to avoid fraud, we use certain verification processes, such as captcha, SMS and email verification code and other built-in security elements.

If we become aware that your payment data or payment device has fallen into unauthorized hands, we will notify you as soon as possible.


Information about your device

 We can see and store the data of your devices if you use our application. This data is the type, model number, identifier and operating system of your device.


Location information

If you have given our system access to location data on the device from which you use our service, we can save the coordinates of your device. Based on these, we can recommend more effective advertisements or, for example, potential partners located near you.

Of course, you can turn off our access to location data at any time both in our application and on our website.



We can save the link through which you arrive at our website and the link through which you leave us. We can also save which links you click on our site and application.


„ Cookies „

When you use our website or application, we can collect data about you with the help of so-called cookies. These help our service to work more efficiently, to remember certain data about you, so that we don't have to ask permission for them again and again. Of course, you can customize the cookies, but you are not obliged to accept them. In the latter case, you cannot use our service.


Contact our customer service

 If you have any questions or comments, you can forward them to any of our contact points. In this case, we can save the information you send and receive, your IP address, and your e-mail address.


2. Storage and transmission of received information


We handle your personal data exclusively and do not disclose it to a third party , except in the following cases:


Released data: profile information, registered data, content of messages

Reasons: for the administrators and moderators of our website and application for the purpose of checking content and tracking activities


Released data: IP address, location data if you have consented, age, date of birth, gender, device identifier, type

Reasons: targeted, more effective advertising from our partners


Data released: all registered and personal data, content of messages, behavior on our website and application, IP address and location data

Reasons: compliance with local laws, fraud, damage, abuse, crime prevention, thereby cooperating with local investigative authorities


Released data: IP address, location data if you have consented, age, date of birth, gender, device identifier, type

Reasons: for analytical and marketing service providers, for the purpose of analyzing our website and application


Data released: payment instrument owner, name, address, amount paid, payment instrument identifier, e.g. bank card number, and date of payment

Reasons: for payment service providers, for faster future payments


Released data: every single data, action, information that can be linked to you on our website or in our application

Reason: may be released to the new owners in case of change of company form or ownership


Released data: aggregated information, without your identification

Reason: for profile creation, industry and other analyses, marketing activities


3. We may use your information for the following purpose


For maximum experience, security and barrier-free use, we may use the data you provide during registration for the following activities:

- protection of users and partners against fraud, hacker attacks and other illegal activities

-terms of use come into effect

-sending personalized offers and advertisements, from which you can unsubscribe at any time in your profile

-measuring and enhancing user experience, tracking interactions

-personalization of other contents of our website and application

-we may contact you to communicate news about our service (e.g. scheduled maintenance) 

-protection of own rights and those of our users


Behavior filter

Our built-in behavior monitor automatically filters and reports unusual user behavior to us. Whether you try to swear in a private message, for example, or publicly, our system will not display them, and after a certain amount, your profile will be blocked from communication. In addition, our active moderator team monitors the activity of our website and application. If a pattern of behavior does not exist in our system, they manually filter the behavior of the given user.

It is extremely important that you comply with our terms of use, as we reserve the right to restrict or delete your profile in case of unusual behavior.


The legal basis for using your data

According to the data management law applicable in Hungary and the European Union, we must inform you of the legal basis according to which we use your data. You can accept and withdraw this at any time.


Purpose of data use: providing the services of the FREELOVE.EU fund

Data received: full name, date of birth, e-mail address, place of residence

Legal basis: necessary for a contract


Purpose of data use: identity verification for user security

Data received: phone number, e-mail address

Legal basis: legitimate interest


Purpose of data use: subscription, premium service

Data received: payment data

Legal basis: necessary for a contract


Purpose of data use: more effective, targeted ads

Data received: IP address, device identifier, gender and age

Legal basis: consent


Purpose of data use: notification of marketing campaigns, our current offers Data received: name and e-mail address, optionally postal address, social media identifier and phone number

Legal basis: consent

Purpose of data use: research, surveys regarding our service

Data received: telephone number and e-mail address

Legal basis: legitimate interest


Purpose of data use: response to user inquiries

Data received: IP address, e-mail, optionally phone number and social media ID Legal basis: legitimate interest


Purpose of data use: inappropriate behavior on our website, application

Data received: device ID, IP address, profile data, messages and their content, registration data

Legal basis: legitimate interest


Purpose of data use: block payments in case of suspected abuse

Data received: owner of payment instrument, name, prepaid service, amount paid, number of payments, user's country and identifier

Legal basis: legitimate interest


Purpose of data use: communicating, sending calls and media content, authorizing them

Received data: sent images and videos, their data

Legal basis: legitimate interest


Purpose of data use: legal protection

Data received: all profile data, registration data, payment data and all profile activities, including sent and received messages, other content

Legal basis: legitimate interest


4. Safe use of our service

As we have already drawn your attention to above, as well as mentioned in our terms of use, secure browsing is extremely important. Therefore, always follow the following instructions when using our service:

-Only connect to the network from a device you trust!

-If possible, do not use a public internet network!

-Never share your login or payment details with anyone!

-Do not use the same password for a long time, always change it!

-After you stop using our service , always log out of your profile!


We cannot guarantee that third parties do not have access to your account information. If you notice that someone has done this, notify us immediately or delete all your personal data.


5. Age and geographic restrictions

Minimum age

In order to be able to use our site, the required minimum age is 18 years, or reaching the age required for adulthood according to your country. If you do not reach the minimum age, we will not allow you to register for our service.

Allowed countries Fortunately, our website and application can be used without restrictions in most countries of the world, however, some countries and their religious views do not allow the use of similar services. In this case, we specifically ask you not to register on the FREELOVE.EU website or download our application. Otherwise, all responsibility devolves on you.



6. Your rights related to our service

Pursuant to the data protection laws in force in the European Union and in Hungary, you have the following rights:

- Right to access: you can request a copy of your registered data

- Right to information: you can find out what data we process about you

 -Right to correct data: you can request clarification of your data

 -Right to portability of your data: similar to the right to access, so you can request a copy of your data if you want to register with another service provider

-The right to limit data processing: you can request the termination of data processing

 -The right to delete your data: you can request the deletion of your data

-The right to object: you can object to data processing


If you are not satisfied with the way we handled your data, you can contact us at the following address:




Registered office: Office 5 The Round House, Dormans Park Road, East Grinstead, West Sussex, United Kingdom, RH19 2EN

Company registration number: 13809684

Tax number: 25354 22275

You can send us a message at or via our contact form.



Help in the event of a complaint

We always try to reach a mutual agreement, without the involvement of a third party, but of course you have the right to contact official bodies. In this case, the competent authority in Hungary is the National Data Protection and Freedom of Information Authority, which you can reach at the following contact points:


Address: 1055 Budapest, Falk Miksa utca 9-11

Mailing address: 1363 Budapest, Pf.: 9.

E-mail address:



On the legal provision on the obligations of the data controller on the right to self-determination of information and freedom of information you can be informed based on CXII of 2011. law.


7. Termination of data management, deletion of data

You can decide to delete your profile and all your data from our system at any time. However, in order to assert our legitimate interests and in accordance with legal regulations, we retain them in our database for a certain period of time. The reasons for data retention are as follows:

- to prove abuses and crimes

- in the event of a legal dispute

- for the purpose of tax and accounting administration, for example, the filtering of payment data

– of our users who previously did not comply with our terms of use, so their older data is necessary in order to prevent them from registering on our website or service


Anyone can save your public data at any time, we have no insight into the activities of 3rd parties, so we cannot take responsibility if someone stores data about you in the long term.


8. Changes to our data management policy


Our data management policy may change from time to time. The reasons for this include changes in the laws in force or changes to our own business policy. In order to be up to date with the latest version, it is worth visiting this page regularly. We also try to inform you in as many ways as possible, for example on our website or by e-mail.


Date of entry into force of our current data management policy: 15.12.2022.

Date of last update: 15.12.2022.